• The 2014 crew celebrating back stage...
  • Debut swimmer Doddy before the big jump off!
  • Alice and the kayakers preparing for the swim...
  • Limbering up!
  • One of the swimmers gliding through the sea...
  • And they're away...
  • Another happy customer...
Applications for Swim2Bestival 2016 are now open!

In order to apply please answer the following 3 questions, in no more than 350 words for each question, and send your response to:


1. Swim2Bestival is 10 years old! If you could talk to your 10 year old self, what would you say?

2. Thinking, past present and future; dead or alive, who would be your ideal swim partner and who would you like to spend Bestival with?

3. Why do you want to Swim2Bestival?

All applications need to be received by midnight on Thursday 28th April. The swim will be taking place on Thursday 8th September 2016 and you must be aged 18 or over on the day of the swim to take part.

There will be 25 swimmers taking part, and each year we are oversubscribed. It’s a difficult task choosing the lucky few. To stand the best chance you need to really tell us why we should pick you, in your answers try to reflect yourself and let your personality shine!

Entry to the swim is £160 which includes your entry to Bestival, a Swim2Bestival T-Shirt (you won’t want be seen in anything else all festival!), swim hat, kayak and safety support for the duration of the event, swim breakfast on the day and transport to the festival site after the swim. This will be payable by all successful applicants.

Each swimmer will need to raise a minimum of £350 sponsorship, and this will need to be collected online before the event. 30% of these funds will go to Ocean Youth Trust South, the Swim2Bestival nominated charity and the remaining 70% to a charity of your choice. We are strict on the sponsorship money being raised as it’s such an important element of Swim2Bestival, and if you don’t reach the target then unfortunately you won’t be able to swim.

You can apply as a pair or group by sending all responses in the same email, but each person will need to answer all the questions, and we’ll take all answers into account when deciding.

Unfortunately we can’t always pick all swimmers who apply in a joint application, but we may want to choose certain individuals (harsh, we know) so please mention if you would be happy to be selected as an individual if other members of your pair/group aren’t chosen. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line, but please do check the FAQ page of the website first as your question may be answered there! FAQ'S

All applicants will be notified by the middle of May if they have been successful.